kendra allen design


Helping small creative businesses put their best face forward is what I do. I bring your vision to life by building you a strong visual brand. I take unconventional lifestyle headshots, carefully styled product/ brand photography, and design unique and thoughtful brand identities.


I want to empower women to follow their creative dreams.


After finishing design school and having my first daughter, I opened a small baby and toddler clothing business called House of Posie. I was craving hands on art, grown up conversation, and wanted to find my place in the Edmonton arts community. I had just relocated from Ontario and knew no one in Edmonton yet, let alone another creative entreprenur. But, never the less, I opened up my little handmade shop and started crafting. I continued to take on freelance clients under the name Kendra Allen Design (as I had been since my first year of my design program) while also illustrating and designing for my kids clothing line.

At House of Posie Design & Apparel, I made hand-carved stamps and used the method of block printing to hand stamp my designs on to onesies and t-shirts. Through this business I connected with many other creatives and found within me my passion to help others with their start-up brands. My passion shifted from creating my stamped prints, to connecting with other like-minded women and helping them grow their passion projects. I took my intense love of brand design and photography and fused them together to form what Kendra Allen Design now is; a branding studio specializing in brand identity design and brand photography.

In my third and final year at St. Lawrence college in Kingston, Ontario. 2014.
In my third and final year at St. Lawrence college in Kingston, Ontario. 2014.


The goal behind my business is to communicate what your business encompasses to the world. Your business is amazing and your customers and clients fall in love with you the moment you meet. But I want people to stumble across your instagram and instantly know your story. Feel your vibe. Let’s make you shine - online.


Take an in depth look at my work process and services to find out more about what I can do for your and your biz!