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Self-Love “Lovestyle” Workshop in Edmonton with Sophie Gray

sophie gray

A couple of weeks ago, I joined Sophie Gray at her Way of Gray Lovestyle Workshop that was based around learning to love your insecurities. The workshop was hosted in the Way of Gray office space at the Mercer Building in downtown Edmonton. Sophie led the workshop and her close friend, Jade (of Treasure U), led a meditation along with some yoga to close the event.

Now, when you think self-love I’m sure you think of rainbows, smiles, and positive mantras. While all of this is great, sometimes you’ve got to break things down to the real and the raw. Get to the root of it. As a young teen, I was super into “Radical Self-Love” (by Gala Darling) where I journaled all of the self-love things. So admittedly, I was surprised that Sophie’s approach wasn’t as light and bright as I was expecting. But, it was deeply refreshing. Sophie allowed us girls attending a place to allow be real. To cry and just cry. Not be comforted. Not be embarassed. We actually had tissues ready; and some even said they couldn’t wait to cry it out. I even cried! Why? I think you’ll have to go to an event to see for yourself. I seriously can’t do these events justice in a blog post. But there is something magical about the power of looking within yourself [during a guided meditation] and facing your fears. Everything that is behind your insecurities. Theres obviously something to be said about a group of women coming together IN PERSON to put their best face forward for themselves. It just felt so damn good and I was *SO* happy to be a part of it.

So what’s next!? Sophie’s next workshop is a BRUNCH! Like, things couldn’t get any better. It is going to be THIS Saturday at 11 AM – 2 PM at Craft Beer Market downtown. I was going to be attending but unfortunatly can no longer make this one. I’m pretty sure there are still some tickets available on sale HERE for one more day so act fast if you’re into the idea of this! But, how could you not be!? Literally all kinds of women were at the last event and it was so beautiful!

Yeggers Insta Meet

Wow, what an experience! Yesterday I attended a Yeggers Insta Meet for the first time. I’ve been trying to make it for a few months now, but this time it finally worked out. This month’s theme was portraits; and I couldn’t have been more excited to participate. The incredibly talented Breanne Marie (Breanne Marie Photo) was mentoring the event and the location was exploring Whyte Ave. Starting in the super cool dungeon-esque basement of El Cortez, we took some photos there and then worked our way through the back alleys of the Avenue and landed back on Gateway Ave at Have Mercy. I’d never been to Have Mercy, but I can’t get back to the southern style bar to take more portraits soon enough.

Breanne brought along what she calls her secret weapon: model and stylist, (at The Beauty Parlour) Celine Piquette. And I invited my friend Brittney Tyrrell to model for me as well as my new friend Kasha Lee who joined me as a photographer (and modelled for a few shots!!) See Kasha’s gorgeous NEW jewelry line here.

One of the best parts of this meet is that its SO collaborative. Because of this there are so many people willing to just model and pose for you – almost without having to ask and especially without having to coax them. Once you scroll through the photos you’ll know what I mean. It looks like this collection of photos was taken on multiple dates because of how diverse it is!

Without further adieu, here are a few of the photos I captured at the community meet. I cannot wait for the next event!

Above Model: Katyrna Rae. Insta: @Katrynarae

Above Model: Brittney Tyrrell

Above Model: Celine Piquette

Above Model: Alycia Stiebritz

Above Model: Brittney Tyrrell

Above Model: Em Welz

Above Model: Kasha Lee.
Thanks for reading!! xx, Kendra.